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Product introduction

Unitized curtain walls are manufactured, processed and finished into panels right from the factory, then transported to the site for erection and overall completion. Unitized curtain walls are the most suitable for buildings with a uniform exterior and same floor height.

The feature of installing Unitized curtain walls is that the aluminum-glass frames are manufactured and assembled at the factory, including the completion of entire structure of aluminum-glass frame - called modules.

Then, these modules are transported from the factory to sites, they are lifted to ready mounting positions using specialized lifting equipment. These mounting positions are set up with codes right from the time of pouring concrete and plinth beam under supervision of engineers and coordinate surveying equipment.


  • Uniform surface of the Unitized curtain wall, ensuring the criteria in terms of art.
  • Easy construction, fast construction time, meeting the requirements of urgent projects.
  • Strictly control product quality at the factory.
  • Firm system, with very good resistance capacity, adapting to movements of buildings.
  • Tight structure, ensuring sound, heat insulation and waterproofing for the building.
  • Do not take up much space and construction area.
  • Large walls and frames, ensuring the vision and structural aesthetics.


  • Higher price than the Stick curtain wall.
  • More complicated transportation of panels to the construction site.





Aluminum profiles are extruded from qualified aluminum alloys which is complied with European codes

Single glass

Including single glass,   tempered glass, laminated glass, heat-strengthened glass, patterned glass

Insulated glass

Filled with noble gas to increase the thermoacoustic performance


EPDM gasket

Typical dimensions

Customize according to project size


Many different color choices for glazing beads thanks to Eurowindow’s aluminum painting technology


Application in construction