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Product introduction

Regular sized double glazed units are often used for windows and doors, while the large ones are widely used for high-rise buildings. Eurowindow is one of the few enterprises in Vietnam that can produce large sized double glazed units with dimensions up to 2.7m x 3.5m. Eurowindow double glazed units not only ensure safety but also bring a perfect look and modern style to buildings thanks to the following prominent features:

  • Thermal and acoustic insulation: With a box-shaped structure filled with Argon gas (inert gas), Eurowindow double glazed units can minimize noise from the surrounding environment, and at the same time increase thermal insulation.
  • Condensation prevention: With ordinary glass, the temperature difference between the outside and inside of the room will lead to condensation. However, Eurowindow double glazed unit is specially designed with desiccant particles and inert gas injection to help avoid the condensation inside the unit the temperature difference is high.
  • Safety: With components of laminated glass or  tempered glass, Eurowindow double glazed units can withstand strong impacts, contributing to ensuring safety and certainty for buildings.

Eurowindow’s laminated glass products and double glazed units have obtained the quality certificates of the world’s leading glass manufacturers such as Saint-Gobain Glass (France), Guardian (USA), AGC (Belgium), and Kimark certificate in accordance with BSEN1279-2:2002 by the British Standards Institution BSI.


Application in construction