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Eurowindow exports Aluminum windows and doors, makes its mark in US market

08/09/2023 Event News 130 View

With an effort to improve product quality to meet the strict standards of the international market, recently, Eurowindow has officially gained a breakthrough by exporting the first order to the US market. Accordingly, the investor Grays Harbor (USA) has trusted in choosing Eurowindow aluminum-glass windows, doors and walls to install for private houses in Washington, USA.

As the second largest trading partner of Vietnam, the US is considered one of the most "difficult" markets in the world with strict and complicated quality inspection procedures. According to the Vietnam Trade Office in the US, by the end of December 2022, the US has initiated 52 trade remedy investigations against Vietnamese exports. This shows that the successful entry of Vietnamese-branded products into the US market is a great effort of domestic enterprises, especially during the recession after the pandemic.

In the context of trade relationship between the US and Vietnam with many positive signs, in May 2023, Eurowindow reached an agreement to sign a contract to export aluminum windows, doors and aluminum-glass walls to the US. This is not only a good recovery signal but also a special step for Eurowindow on its journey to reach globally.

Before signing the cooperation, partner Grays Harbor had a long time to learn about product quality, brand reputation, and method of using the human resources of Eurowindow in the domestic market. According to a partner representative, besides the function and aesthetics of the product, American enterprises also pay special attention to the "human" factor in the process of making products. That is also a factor that many foreign enterprises care about when choosing Vietnamese products. Besides, Eurowindow also needs to pass strict criteria to ensure green factors in production; products are power-saving, protect user health, and are environmentally friendly.

 The “human” factor during making products is a factor American enterprises care about when choosing Vietnamese products

Eurowindow aluminum windows and doors are made from 6063-T5 aluminum profile  with reasonable design with empty compartments and ribs to increase rigidity, technical trenches and walls are carefully calculated to create reinforcement. As a result, the product is lightweight but still ensures the best safety and certainty for the project. Aluminum bar combines with Low-E insulating box and uniform metal accessories, which increases the bearing capacity of the door set, contributes to effectively preventing outside penetration, and minimizes the danger for users.

EPDM gasket used for aluminum windows and doors is a commonly used gasket in Europe, with good elasticity and weather resistance. The combination of this gasket with uniform metal accessory helps the product open and close smoothly, optimally in terms of tightness, reaching Class 3 according to EN 1026 standards, water tightness reaching Class 6 according to EN 1027 standards, withstands wind pressure at Class E according to BS 58213 and noise resistant up to 40.

Eurowindow aluminum-glass windows, doors and walls in the packing stage ready to go to the US

With the requirements of complete assembly in Vietnam and shipping of full package to the US, aluminum windows and door orders are carefully packed, wrapped in nylon, and sealed in wooden bales to ensure product quality, minimize collisions, and against sea salt corrosion on the voyage. In addition, the electrostatic power coating technology applied in the process of painting the aluminum windows and doors surface also helps the product to be durable, resistant to weather and sea salt. This advantage also brings high economic efficiency which is saving repair and maintenance costs during the long-term use of the homeowner.

With a desire to reach all continents, exporting products to the US is a valuable breakthrough that helps Eurowindow step by step affirm the potential of a Vietnamese enterprise with more than 20 years of experience and create leverage to successfully conquer many countries, and other difficult markets in the world. Not only stopping at domestic-class projects, but Eurowindow is also ready to mark foreign projects with strict requirements and difficult techniques.

In addition to the US market, in 2023, Eurowindow has been focusing its resources on developing the Canadian market - a difficult but potential market. In addition, Eurowindow continues to maintain cooperation and to bring products to expand in neighboring countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Australia, etc.


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